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About DEY

Do you, like I, buy X-mas decorations on sale in January and use them when Ramadan comes? I believe there is nothing wrong with that. But I also believe that as Muslims we should have our own decoration tradition. This page is to give you inspiration to do that.

The name of my domain, facebook page and web shop was inspired by funny texts by Muslims who have the same thoughts as I. Our celebrations are often tucked in between meetings, work and other obligations. We praise Allah when Eid comes on weekends because then we dont have to disturb our bosses, neighbours and friends. We buy the left overs of X-mas and are afraid to come up with our own ideas for decoration. Is it Halal or is it Haram?

I believe that we should take time, decorate, plan and enjoy our holidays with as much pride as any other human on earth. I hope to give you some inspiration and products, but I would also like you to inspire me. Best wishes to you all.

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