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What does spark joy for me in my house today? Nada, zip, ingenting, depressingly nothing!

Marie Kondo is the organisational guru behind a Netflix series, book and

several new words. Which I love! Especially new words.#sparkjoy #konmari #howtogyst


Her philosophy is everywhere on social media and there is nothing wrong with that. We salute all sisters! But being me, I struggle to feel joy for other people’s success when it comes to organizing. I suck at it and would love it if most people did too!


Therefore it becomes that much harder to dive into the #sparkjoy movement! I am not ready! I want to keep my stuff. Even if it pains me to see it in piles around the house. I just bought three books on organising your house…….


Oh no. I am a hoarder!


Let’s skip that for a moment and concentrate on the problem at hand. Throw stuff away. Forget it. New focus!


Instead I want to say something about the things that does spark joy into my life today at this very moment.


1: I am writing this blog post and writing makes me sparkling with joy!

2: My teenage son cleaned his room without incentives.

3: I found a graphic designer that will make my words, ideas and pictures into a magazine. #hooray

4: I love to be part of the sisterhood of Instagram where loveliness rules. Today I was particularly inspired by: @hafsacreates and @sumaira.z who blogged for @muslimahblogs.

5: These paperclips I received from a friend: