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Blogosorus Dinosaurus.


In life, it seems I am either too early or too late.


Having children when very young. Too early, as it resulted in a disconnect with my friends who waited at least five more years. Too early for teen mom.  Sarcasm sign.


Too late for new technology and social media. I still remember when mobile phones were as large as a designer handbag and cost just as much. Somehow I ended up on the backtrack of all new tech innovations, but I do love the new words they have amassed; Vlog, blog, snap, facetime and GIFs to mention a few.


Too late to change career or follow my dreams as I have bills, boys, daughter, husband and cat. Or is it?


My point to all this: I have now started a blog. Too late?


-Blogging is outdated! Why start now?


I love writing. I believe I have something to say that might matter to other people. A creative outlet. Deciding to have children in my early twenties there were other’s needs to tend to. My dreams had to be put on hold. Having a son on the Autism spectrum further changed circumstances. I feel blessed to have a family. Not too early and not too late.


I have decided that my time is now. It is the right time for me. This blog will probably never trend or go viral, but it will be filled with quality. Built in a lifetime of household chores, cooking, studying and working while raising children.


Quality writing, quality articles, quality DEYs. (DoEidYourselves)


For many years I have not had an audience. That might change a bit now, but I am used to silence. I will still write. Because I love doing it.


There is another dimension to social media that I love; since my early pen pal days in the 80s I have loved connecting with people all over the world. Putting my writing and DEY’s in different forums online has opened my eyes to all the wonderful people out there who enjoy the same things as me. I am not too early or too late, I am exactly on time.